Club Events

Dear Show & Shine Participants and Friends, 

We must inform you of Big River Classics decision to cancel plans for our 2011 Vicksburg Show & Shine car show. 

This was not an easy decision to make and our club members debated long and hard before coming to this conclusion. We are a small club with limited membership in putting on our Vicksburg show. We pretty much have just hit the “burnt out” stage after putting on the show for so many years.  

We will miss the friendship and fellowship we have all enjoyed at the show. However, we expect to see many of you at other events and shows in the future. 

No decision has been made at this time on a show in the following year. That will be brought up at later club meetings. 

We wish to thank all of you who have been so loyal in coming to our events over the years and supporting our club. While we take time out to reorganize and recruit new membership please do not forget about your friends at Big River Classics. We will be back! 


Judy Webb
President, BRC