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********  2012 7th ANNUAL SHOW AT THE O'  '*******

April 14, 2012
Big River Classics
7th Annual Show at the O'
Saturday April 14th
700 Highway 80 East -  Clinton, Ms

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********  2011 6th ANNUAL SHOW AT THE O'  '*******

May 7, 2011
Big River Classics
6th Annual Show at the O'
Saturday May 7th
700 Highway 80 East -  Clinton, Ms

Photos by Bill Barbuto




******** 2010 11th ANNUAL SHOW & SHINE*******

March 2010
Big River Classics
11th Annual Show & Shine
for 1955, 1956, & 1957 Chevrolets
On March 26 & 27
Battlefield Inn Vicksburg, Mississippi
By Judy Webb

Show and Shine for 2010 has come and gone. If you were one of the members who attended the show and worked to make it all happen, then you know the exhilaration we all felt when it was over. It took a lot of effort on everyone’s part to get it together, but it sure felt good to hear all the great comments from our guests that attended. All workers get a well deserved “thank you!” 

Our two day event attracted seventy two Tri-Five Chevys this year. This included sixty eight cars, three trucks and one Corvette. The weather turned out very nice and everyone enjoyed the fun atmosphere as DJ’s Larry and John provided music, prizes and joking with the guests. 

Bar-B-Q, cooked by member Ron Swaggart, was enjoyed by all who attended the Friday night meal. Plenty of side dishes and desserts were served to complete a very filling event.

Right after the meal, Larry conducted our auction and the response, as usual, was very good. The auction raised a little over twenty-two hundred dollars plus four hundred and fifty dollars in donations from non-bidders.  

The Boomers provided music Saturday and put on a great show that was thoroughly enjoyed by all who sat around the pool and relaxed for the show. 

Of course the highlight of the show is the banquet. Again Larry provided our guests with entertainment as master of ceremonies, while calling out the well deserved winners of all the plaques. Everyone in attendance really had an excellent evening. 

The bottom line for all our hard work is just over seven thousand dollars for our club charity, Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. This figure is approximate, but pretty close as the actual report has not been done.  A special “Thank You” goes out to our sponsors and to our classic Chevy friends who attended the show and made it all possible. We could not have done it without you! 

Link to Event Pictures, Winners & Sponsors!


********  2010 5th ANNUAL SHOW AT THE O'  '*******

May 2010
Big River Classics
5th Annual Show at the O'
Saturday May 8th
700 Highway 80 East -  Clinton, Ms

Despite a band of thunderstorms passing through the area during the pre-dawn hours, thankfully Big River Classics was able to host the 2010 5th Annual Show at the O’. Thanks to the dedication of many die hard car show participants we were fortunate enough to attract 50 vehicles making it a small but successful fund raising event to benefit the Batson Hospital for Children. We appreciate each and every one who cared enough to get their ride out for our car show after the storms passed and the skies cleared. At first, participant turnout looked doomed but soon the cars began to come cruising in. 

By 8:00 a.m. everything was set up, in place and ready for registration to open, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the usual “working” members of BRC. Club support and teamwork is the main ingredient required to put on a show and without naming names, those of you who were an ingredient know who you are. Your involvement, hard work and loyalty to the club were greatly appreciated. Store manager Wes Hampton and the other employees at Clinton O’Reilly Auto Parts were also very helpful in assisting us with the preparation of the activities that went on. As part of the tradition of this car show Wes and a couple of the guys flipped free burgers and hotdogs to feed the participants and those who stopped to see the cars. Donations for the free food added to the proceeds.  Wes came up with some great door prizes that a few lucky participants won when their car numbers were randomly drawn. 

Around 1:30 the votes had been counted and the winners were ready to be announced. First, the Top 5 Truck awards were given out, then the Top 5 Pre-49’s and on to the Top 15 Car awards. We were prepared to give awards to the Top 3 motorcycles but none were entered, therefore that class will probably not be offered again. Next, a very large colorful Best of Show trophy each went to the best car, truck and pre-49 vehicle. Also in keeping with tradition, a vehicle was awarded an O’Reilly Choice trophy and one received a trophy for BRC’s Choice. The last award was for the Best Club Participation award and I believe it went to the Mid State Rodders. There was a variety of clubs represented this year along with the Mid State Rodders such as the Mississippi Street Rod Association, Mississippi Classic Cruisers, One Rule Rodders, Delta Classic Auto Club, Vicksburg Cruisers, and Living Legend Mustang club. Whether or not you were in one of those clubs, we appreciate all who participated. All proceeds generated from this event will be added to BRC’s other funds and will be donated to the Batson Hospital for Children this month.


******** 2009 10th Annual Show & Shine*******

March 2009

Big River Classics
10th Annual Show & Shine
for 1955, 1956, & 1957 Chevrolets
On March 27 & 28
Battlefield Inn -  Vicksburg, Ms
By Wayne Hart

Big River Classics held its 10th Annual Show & Shine once again at the Battlefield Inn in Vicksburg Mississippi. Mother Nature was feeling a little frisky and decided to throw a little stormy weather our way this year. She had us all on edge Thursday night before the show with wide spread severe thunder storms, heavy rain and an over night tornado in Magee, MS. We knew the weather was going to have an ill affect on our overall turnout. When our deadline of March 15th for pre-registration came we had 60 pre-registered entries! We began getting calls and emails with a few cancelations, some because of the weather and some for emergency reasons. But as Friday morning came the clouds cleared and the sky turned sunny and blue and the show went on. While Tay and I were putting out show signs down at the road it was an encouraging site when we saw several cars from Twin City Chevy Club come cruising in together in one bunch and then to see another caravan of them several hours later! Classic turnout was a little low compared to last year but we kept our fingers crossed that more would arrive on Saturday. Even though more severe weather moved across the state Friday night, the 30 or so classics which arrived on Friday did multiply into 43 classics by judging time on Saturday. Overall our records show that we had 73 registrations total, 6 with no vehicle, with 24 no shows. We even had a 1957 Corvette this year! Yay!!!! 

 The Friday night hospitality supper and auction was great! Not sure of the exact number attending but it had to be around 100 or better. Club member Ron Swaggart provided smoked beef brisket and pork loin for bbq sandwiches, there several gallons of bbq beans donated by the Hickory Pit in Jackson, 3 gallons of coleslaw donated by Bridges Fish House in Harrisville, at least 20 pounds of potato salad, an abundance of assorted desserts, and about any kind of drink you could ask for, except for lemonade!  For the third year we held an auction after the supper to help raise even more funds for the Batson Hospital for Children. Fourteen items were auctioned which brought in almost $2300! We can not thank our gracious friends enough who made those high bids that won them their special item. 

More severe storms rolled through late Friday night and into Saturday morning but cleared before sunrise. Registration opened back up at 8:00 am and the fun continued even with the brisk cold wind that the passing cold front left us, but at least the sun came out and provided a beautiful day. Larry and John continued the outside entertainment with oldies music and gave out door prizes. Pete Sawatzky with Route 66 Restoration Supplies peddled parts on one end of the show while Dale Keesee with Danchuk peddled on the other end. More Chevys arrived during the morning and made the competition of Tri-5’s greater. Saturday afternoon we were entertained inside by a fabulous group called the Boomers who dressed and sang to the styles and music of the 50’s. I hear that they talked someone from the audience into coming up front, made him wear a little bitty leather cap and coat and some Joe Cool sunglasses while the Boomer ladies held his hands and made him sway back and forth and kick dance as they sang “He’s a Rebel” to him. Man, I am so glad that they did not ask me up to get up there!

 The awards banquet got kicked off a little after 6:00 pm Saturday evening with a nice buffet meal right after Brother Dale Holloway led us in prayer.  While we dined, special guests, a 12 year old young man named Grey Hauser & his mother Courtney told their story of how the Batson Hospital for Children was very special to them. Grey and his twin brother were born very premature, and sadly one did not survive. But fortunately, Grey was kept alive by modern technology provided at the hospital! We gave Grey and his mother our tears  and a standing ovation. The banquet continued on with an Easter devotion from Dale Holloway and then on to the award presentations and gifts. Larry Holder once again was the Master of Ceremonies and life of the party as he called out the winners and slipped in some of his jokes and ribbing. All the awards and gifts soon came to an end and the banquet came to a close. We hope all of our friends, old and new, enjoyed our 10th Annual Show & Shine!
Click to view Show Pictures and the list of Award Winners

******** 2009 4th Annual Show at the O'*******

May 2009

Big River Classics
4th Annual Show at the O'
On May 9th
700 Highway 80 East -  Clinton, Ms
By Wayne Hart

Big River Classics members began arriving around 7:00 a.m. and started setting up tents and tables while some placed signs and ropes to direct the show cars into the parking lot. Jane and JoAnn willingly opened the registration table before 8:00 for those early birds who started showing up. Larry Holder and John Sanders got the sound system set up and going and once again played oldies music, told jokes and called out door prize winners.

Matt Lehr, the new district manger for O'Reilly Auto Parts this year, along with Clinton store manager Jeff Nix were a great help in putting on the show. Matt with the help of his wife Heather flipped many tasty hamburgers and hotdogs which were again free to all the car show participants and all who stopped by to admire the cars. A donation jar placed on the serving table collected a very gracious amount of cash which was added in with registration fees and other show proceeds being collected for the Batson Hospital for Children.  

Soon after the lunch crowd got their fill of food, Jane and JoAnn announced that they had the winning votes tabulated early. It had become very humid as the day went on and after the unanimous approval of the crowd, awards ceremony got started a little earlier than planned. Larry and John called out the winning car numbers as store manager Jeff Nix presented the owners their awards and trophies with a congratulatory handshake. After all the awards for the Top 10 cars, Top 5 trucks, Top 5 Pre-49s Best of Show trophies, an O’Reilly Favorite and a BRC Favorite trophy were given out, members grabbed the bright colored traditional “thank you” signs and headed for the street to wave goodbye to all of our friends and participants. The event drew 56 registered vehicles this year. Although the Mississippi Street Rod Association and the Mid State Rodders were well represented, the Mississippi Classic Cruisers took home the club participation award.




******** 2008 9th Annual Show & Shine*******

March 2008

Big River Classics Presents
9th Annual Show & Shine
for 1955, 1956, & 1957 Chevrolets
On March 28 & 29
Battlefield Inn -  Vicksburg, Ms
Reported by Wayne Hart

BRC had another very successful show to raise money for the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital! This year we had 81 registrations, 3 vendors, 1 registered with no car and 7 pre-registered that didn't show up. As far as classic numbers, we had 71 vehicles with 20 of them being registered as cruisers. Sidney, John, Ron, Newt and I were the only Big River Classics Club members who brought their classics this year to display. Most did not because of reserving spaces for our participants. With these five extra classics we had a total of 76!

Many participants started arriving on Thursday afternoon while Larry,
Wayne, and Tay were at the Battlefield Inn making sure things were going as scheduled. Early Friday morning, Club members started arriving to begin first day of the show. The hospitality room was set up as was BRC’s new sound system. Larry Holder was our DJ this year and he did a fine job playing oldies music and entertaining (and aggravating) the crowd. The show officially got started at 1:00 when Larry played our National Anthem. People were standing in line to get signed up, registered and classified. A few newcomers tried out our show this year along with most of our dependable participants who have been coming for years. 

The line waiting for the Friday night Hospitality Supper seemed a mile long as I sat with John Sanders watching all the smiling faces coming in to chow down on pork and brisket sandwiches, potato salad, slaw, bbq baked beans and a huge assortment of deserts. The fund raising auction following the supper was very successful, rewarding and very emotional. Thanks to all the gracious bidders, we raised close to $5800 extra dollars for the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. Mary Sanders had started a special quilt she wanted the Club to auction off but before she could finish it, she passed away unexpectedly. But one of her daughters took the unfinished quilt home and diligently worked on it until she had it finished by show time. Paul Webb heard Jane Hart mention that she would love to bid on the quilt but she knew she could never go as high as the bidding was expected to go. Paul said it was not planned but just all of a sudden it came to him that Jane should have the quilt because of her friendship and love for Mary and he without haste kept bidding until he won the quilt. We are sorry that other bidders did not get the quilt but we think it was great that the quilt stayed within the Club. Paul, you are a special person and we thank you for your generosity. We want to thank all the other high bidders on the other auction items. The funds will be used for a great cause. 

Saturday morning registration opened back up at 8:00 am as the show rolled on. Classics were being washed, waxed, and wiped as the morning went by. The sky was being watched by many as light rain showers developed just as judging started. No harm though, the show went on as the rainy forecast got better and it finally cleared.  The awards banquet was same as the night before auction, entertaining, rewarding and very emotional.  We had as special guests, a family whose young son Jonathon has been a recovering patient at the Blair E. Batson Hospital to show how our donations are well spent with the Hospital. We gave away some fantastic banquet gifts and presented some of the finest awards you could win.  Winners of cash prizes graciously gave back all or part of their winnings to go back in the donation pile for the Hospital. The great members of TCCCC from Monroe took up a collection and presented us with a $500 donation out of their pockets. Ed and Mary Cheek won the 50/50 pot and graciously gave back over half of it! Winners of the long distance awards gave back their cash prizes. Lord, seemed like every time I turned around someone was handing back money. God is good! Car people are good! This one was for Mary Sanders and I know she was smiling down on us all………….


******** 2008 3rd Annual Annual Show at the O' *******

May 2008 Big River Classics
3rd Annual Show at the O'
On May 10th
700 Highway 80 East -  Clinton, Ms      
Reported by Wayne Hart

Big River Classics members started arriving at the Clinton O’Reilly Auto Parts store at 7:00 am Saturday morning to prepare for 8:00 registration. Tables, tents, PA system, and signs were quickly set up as some early bird registrants began cruising in as early as 7:30! Big River’s own Larry Holder and John Sanders entertained the crowd with oldies music, jokes, shenanigans, and gave away great door prizes provided by O’Reillys, thanks to Jody Whitworth! After registration finally ended, we had around 66 registered plus a couple of unregistered vehicles packed in the store’s small parking lot. We were very pleased to have an excellent turnout from a variety of a car clubs this year. There were cars from the Mississippi Classic Cruisers, the Mid State Rodders from the Pelahatchie area, the Mississippi Antique Vehicle Club, the Twin City Classic Chevy Club from the Monroe Louisiana area, Dixie Rodders Club and Queen City Rods and Classics from the Meridian area, One Rule Street Rod Club from the Vicksburg area,  the Mississippi Street Rod Association, and the Delta Classic Auto Club from the Cleveland MS area. There were people who came from Yazoo City and also from Kosciusko. No matter where you came from, we are just glad you chose Clinton, MS this day. 

District Manger Clint Reaux and his hard working staff helped us put on our most successful show thus far at O’Reillys. Again Clint and some of the guys grilled up free hamburgers and hotdogs for all participants and car enthusiasts. This year, awards were given away for the Top 10 cars, the Top 5 trucks, and the Top 5 Pre-49s along with a Best of Show trophy for each class. Awards were also given for an O’Reilly Favorite and a BRC Favorite. The Mississippi Classic Cruisers took home the award for best Club Participation!

We usually combine the funds we raise at this show with other funds from our Tri-5 show in Vicksburg to give to the Children’s Hospital. But this year we did a spur of the moment thing and decided that all the proceeds from the 3rd Annual Show at the O” would go to the family of a six year of girl, Mallory Mashburn. Little Mallory has been having serious issues with her health and is a patient at the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children. Her father is a police officer for the City of Clinton. Medical expenses have been taking its toll on her family. We hope that we made the Mallory smile when they got the surprise and found good use for the donation. It sure made us feel very good to give it.

BRC members who worked the show were Bobby & Jessie Buckley, Bill & JoAnn Barbuto, Bobby Clark, Ray Elmore, Tay Everett, Ade & Linda Fleming, Wayne & Jane Hart, Stacey, Stacey Lynn & Samatha Harper, Larry Holder, Tommy Hudson, Sidney & Annie Overby, Ed & Mary Robertson, John Sanders, and Paul & Judy Webb.




March 2007 March 30th & 31st - Big River Classics-
8th Annual Show & Shine
at the Battlefield Inn, Vicksburg, MS
Reported by Wayne Hart

I am going to attempt to give you the most accurate report I can on Big River Classics 8th Annual Show & Shine held Friday March 30th and Saturday March 31st at the Battlefield Inn in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This was our third and best year to hold our show here and I do believe that Big River Classics has just hosted by far its biggest and best car show in Club history. We began with a total of 92 registered classics of which 70 were pre-registered before the March 15th deadline but unfortunately before show time got here, we lost 9 of these 92 due to cancellation, some for health problems and the rest probably because of bad weather conditions coming through Texas and headed for Louisiana and Mississippi. This left us with 83 registrations, but 3 of these did not come in their classic and then 1 was a vender! Are you doing the math with me? Anyway this made 79 classic Chevys from all over the U.S.! We had folks from MS, LA, AL, AR, TX, OK, MO, TN, GA, OH, IN, and FL. Some of us came over Thursday afternoon to prepare the parking lot and 8 classics had already arrived. By the time we got there Friday morning there were even more. Registration and classification got kicked off at 1:00 pm Friday afternoon as always and folks got started signing in and picking up their goody bags and door prizes. T-shirts, banquet tickets, raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets were being sold in the registration / hospitality room as everyone came in and got reacquainted and caught up with friends, some that had not seen one another since being here at our 2006 show.  The room was active with loud talk and laughter while enjoying snacks, refreshments and coffee. Later outside, the DJ got his equipment set up and started playing oldies and rock and roll music. He was also calling out trivia questions and giving out prizes to the “know it alls”! The whole parking lot was beginning to liven up with activities. 

We had a surprise special vender this year! As people arrived Friday morning they saw something very hard to miss…..a very large blue and white tractor trailer rig parked around back with the letters D A N C H U K  M F G. written on the side of it! Mr. Dale (Top Gun) Keesee who is the Special Events and Promotions Director with Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc. had phoned Club member Tay Everett a few nights before the show and was inquiring that if we had the room to spare he would like to participate as a vender. Tay told Dale that space was tight this year but to give us time to discuss it. Of course there was no way we were going to turn down this offer! Danchuk has been a gracious sponsor of our last four Show & Shine events and we’ve always sent an invite for them to come join us. This big beautiful eighteen wheeler is usually seen only at the “bigger shows” in the “bigger states” and it is sometimes hauling the Danchuk jet funny car named “Blaze of Glory”. Unfortunately “Blaze” must have been left back in sunny California and all we had to view was its driver Dale. That’s alright though; Dale had some interesting stories for everyone about his travels of 300+ mph and had a special deal on parts if he took your order at our show. Our little ole car show has been growing every year and this year’s show was witnessed by a very important member of the Danchuk crew and I believe we left a big impression on him. Dale told me after he witnessed the big turnout, he telephoned head quarters and told them that they have been “missing out” by not coming to a  Big River Classics Show & Shines and that we were drawing a large number of high quality classic Tri-Five Chevys.  There is talk of Dale’s return next year in the big semi with the rocket car this time and more Danchuk surprises and involvement! So stay tuned for more information on this as we plan for next year’s 9th Annual Show & Shine!

Later that evening the ladies and some of the gents of Big River Classics helped to serve guests at our hospitality meal which is always a part of the festivities and activities. I think we probably fed close to 200 hungry folks. There was plenty of BBQ pork and beef for sandwiches along with tater salad, beans, slaw, and a big assortment of desserts and drinks. After everyone finished eating, Big River held our very first auction. Our Show Chairman for this year, Mr. John (Crankshaft) Sanders and club member Larry Holder were the entertainment for the evening as the two clowned and joked around while being the auctioneers. Thanks to some very special people who donated some very special items, we were able to raise a little more money for the Children’s Hospital than we normally do. Mr. Harold Patton donated a beautiful “classic” quilt in memory of his wife Jeanette and Mr. James Gros donated some great Elvis memorabilia. Other donated auction items were some gorgeous painted steel AC Delco shop cabinets. We again would like to thank also the special people who made the high bids that gained them possession of these worthy gifts. We hope to make a Friday evening auction a part of our future shows. After the auction, some folks retired to their rooms while some hit the hotel lounge for drinks and a little Karaoke bar singing. Some just grouped together back out in the parking lot where it was a little quieter and less smoky.

On Saturday morning registration and classification got kicked back off at 8:00 am and as every minute passed the day got busier. The DJ had got his equipment set back up and the rock’n and the roll’n got cranked up again along with more trivia questions and prizes. This year we also had the pleasure of Larry Crain with the popular Cruisin’ Style Magazine participate in the show as he set up his vender station and sold magazine scripts, caps and t-shirts. More classics started rolling in and more and more parking spaces were being gradually taken over. Cars were being washed and waxed, getting ready for that 1000 point judging. We really did not want to do it but we had to make the decision to park the classics in single spaces this year to make sure we had enough room for all to park. By the time registration ended at 11:00 am we had a few spaces to spare but not many. Picture 79 of the finest Tri-Five Chevy show cars and cruisers you’ve ever seen sitting in the parking lot of the Battlefield Inn in Vicksburg, Mississippi. These were just the registered Chevys! Better than that, picture 88 Tri-Fives in the parking lot!  Big River Classics also had 9 host cars on site for display only. We actually had 10 host cars on site; John & Mary Sanders drove their 53 Belair to display. But John is steadily working on his 55 Chevy panel truck which he will have up and showing very soon. We were afraid that there would not be enough room for all our participants so some Big River Classics members opted to leave their classics at home. If all of our members had brought their classics, the lot would have been packed full! Good thing because as I mentioned, there was not much room left to play with! We had 12 trailered classics this year and we did our best to try to accommodate space for them. We asked that some of the empty trailers be parked across the street in an open field. We hated to ask this of you folks that cooperated and did this for us and we just want you to know we do appreciate you!  It helped us out tremendously! Security was patrolling this area also so there was no worry of any thievery going on. I personally believe that if bad weather had not been a threat we would have had close to 100 classics participate this year. Goes with a car show though….. that many cars being washed and detailed at one time in one place, we were just asking for it! Judging started 30 minutes early as the clouds were looking more and more ominous! Only 59 cars had to be judged thank goodness. The other 20 entered the show in our cruiser class. The parking lot was full of judges, Big River judge sheet runners, and sightseers. We invited a local church group to set up and they had delicious smelling hamburgers and hotdogs grilling up to sell to the growing crowd. As judging went on some folks gathered back in the hospitality room to listen to the band called “All 4 One”. They brought the house down! I was not in there but I could hear them in the next room as I sat in the banquet room preparing for my dreaded speech I was to give in a few hours! There was apparently a dance contest that went on too because my wife came back out waving $50 that she had won and which she put in the donation jar. Some other people matched that and added it to the jar. After the band finished up, they were gracious enough to donate $100 of their pay back to go to Children’s Hospital. Great people out! Judging had just barely been finished up just before the rain began falling and it was a mad rush covering up cars and getting some back into the safety of their trailers.

The awards banquet started at 6:30 Saturday evening as 185 people came strolling in picking out where they wanted to sit. The banquet got kicked off as I welcomed every one and presented a plaque to Ms Becky King to show our appreciation to the staff of the Battlefield Inn. She accepted it graciously and then presented a plaque for the Battlefield Inn’s favorite Tri-Five. Next she drew a number out of the pre-registration box for the “early bird” prize and gave away a free hotel stay to the lucky winner! Then our Club Chaplin, Mr. Dale Holloway, came to the front and said a small prayer and blessed the food. Another special guest we had this year was Meemie Jackson with the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. She and her husband came and gave a presentation about the children’s hospital and explained to our guests just how the funds that are raised at this annual car show by Big River Classics are appreciated, needed and used by the hospital to help treat our unfortunate children and teenagers who have fallen ill. They were applauded very well after the presentation. After the Club officers and board were introduced, this year’s show chairman, John Sanders and his wife Mary, were recognized and applauded. I handed the show over to our own Master of Ceremonies, Larry Holder. Larry introduced the rest of the BRC Club members, all the CCI reps who were present and then recognized and thanked all the judges for their hard work. Early bird gifts were drawn for and given to ten pre-registrants and then it was time to get down to business and give out the awards to the anxious crowd. As Larry called out the winners John and I took turns presented them with handshakes for the guys and hugs for the ladies! In between class awards we drew banquet ticket stubs and gave away some great gifts while Larry got cranked up with his usual joking around and picking at the folks receiving their gifts. After a little time had passed and most had finished their dinner, Dale Holloway came back to the podium and entertained with his special stories and jokes and he had the crowd in a laughing uproar too. Then he delivered a very special Easter Devotion and prayer, which I know was appreciated and enjoyed by everyone in the room. After the devotion we continued giving out more awards and more gifts. After all the gifts and awards were given out, Larry concluded the awards program and thanked everyone for coming and invited all back for next year. And it stormed like heck during the night! 

Sunday morning it was still raining as everyone got up and had breakfast and prepared for the trip home. Big River members started loading up a few leftover items and cleaned up the parking lot and then hung around most of the morning seeing everyone off by telling them how much we appreciated them and waved goodbye to them.   
Click to view Show Pictures and the list of Award Winners


******** 2007 2nd Annual Show at the O' *******

May 2007

May 12, 2007
O'Reilly Auto Parts 
700 Highway 80 East, Clinton MS
Second Annual - Show At The O'
hosted by Big River Classics
Reported by Wayne Hart

Big River Classics hosted The Second Annual Show at the O’ at O’Reilly Auto Parts on Highway 80 in Clinton, MS. It was a very good show despite not quite having as many participants as we had last year. We had 38 registered participants this time. O’Reilly Store manager Andy Butler and district manager Clint Reaux slaved over hot grills and cooked up free burgers and dogs for everyone with an appetite. They supplied many door prize gifts and many car numbers were called two or three times to receive yet another prize. If you missed this show, we are hoping on teaming up with O’Reillys for the Third Annual Show at the O’ so please remember us next year. The winner of the 50/50 drawing donated $120 of his winnings back to us to go to Children’s Hospital. Thank you Don! The couple who attended our last meeting, Paul & Donna Jackson had to change their plans to attend the show but graciously donated $100 toward the show and we want to say thanks to you too! The Music-Go-Round, located next door to O’Reillys, donated the use of a PA system that we used to play oldies music, call out door prize winners and announce the awards. Club members who helped work the show were Bobby and Jessie Buckley, Bobby Clark, Tay Everett, Stacey & Samatha Harper, Wayne & Jane Hart, Larry Holder, Tommy & Patricia Hudson, Sidney & Annie Overby, Ed & Mary Robertson, and Paul & Judy Webb. Special thanks to Tommy Hudson for being show chairman again and taking care of the hard stuff!

Registration fees went to benefit
Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital.

Again we appreciated the fantastic turnout.... THANKS

******** TCCCC 20th Annual Jamboree for 1955-1972 Chevrolets*******

 June 2007

June 1st & 2nd, 2007
Reported by Wayne Hart

The Twin City Classic Chevy Club held their 20th Annual Jamboree for 1955-1972 Chevrolets once again at the Holiday Inn Holidome in Monroe, Louisiana. Big River Classics members who made the trip and participated in the 2 day car show were Bobby and Jessie Buckley, Allen & Lana Carpenter, Bobby Clark, Jerry and Norma Cooley, John Davis, Ray and Jeannie Elmore, Tay & Dot Everett, Stacey and Samatha Harper, Wayne & Jane Hart, Larry & Becky Holder, Tommy and Patricia Hudson, Sidney and Annie Overby, Ed & Mary Robertson, John & Mary Sanders, and Paul & Judy Webb making a total of 15 members. Festivities were fun and there was a parking lot full of choice Chevys and the competition was tough. The Club had fun harassing each other this year. We were divided into Big River Classics North and Big River Classics South. This was because we could not all park together and had to scatter out from one end to the other. Just so happened that we brought enough tents that we could have them set up at each at each end of the parking lot and all could have a little shade from the sun.

TCCCC members really did another fantastic job with this years, activities. They fed everyone very well at the supper Friday night and then had a very successful auction afterwards. BRC started out with a $100 Club check to donate to Twin City for their charity but after several of our members dug into their pockets, we were able to make it a $300 donation! Saturday was another day filled with fun and fellowship with the “feuding” BRC North and BRC South as it got serious enough for ransom notes to be sent by messenger for the safe return of a captured member across enemy lines. No ransom notes were ever paid though. Just counter notes of “keep um, not worth it” or “we will take them back for $XXX”. Just good clean fun! The banquet and awards ceremony was very, very nice. The buffet style supper was to kill for year. We will tell you, Twin City, like you tell us…”You out did yourselves this year”! Our members did very well in the awards department. Congratulations go to Ed & Mary Robertson for winning 3rd Place in 1955 Custom Driven, to Bobby Buckley for 2nd Place in 1957 Modified Driven, to Sidney Overby for 2nd Place 1957 Custom Driven, to Ray Elmore for 3rd Place 1957 Custom Driven, to Jerry and Norma Cooley for 2nd Place 1957 Contemporary Trailered, and to Paul & Judy Webb for being chosen as one of the Top Three in the Cruiser Class with their ’57 convertible. For the third year in a row Big River Classics won the Club participation award by having 14 classics to show.



******** 29th Annual Dixie Run Car Show *******

 June 2007

June 15th & 16th, 2007
Reported by Wayne Hart

The Mississippi Street Rod Association held there 29th annual Rod Run at the Sleep Inn in Flowood, MS and Big River Classics was a big part of their show. On Friday evening we were well fed and then entertained by MSRA’s own band “Memory Lane”. They played some great rock’n’roll and oldies! Rain shut the band down early last year. It clouded up and lightning threatening to do the same this year but fortunately went around the car show instead. Most everyone won something at this show whether it was a door prize, cash, sponsor award or a Top 10 award.  BRC members who received sponsor awards were, Bobby Buckley, Ray Elmore, Ade Fleming, Wayne Hart, Larry Holder, Ed & Mary Robertson (one for the Nomad and one for the truck), and John Sanders. Bobby Buckley won the Hooters girls pick for his candy apple red ‘57. We still thought it was orange!? Included in the Top 10 winners in the class of 1955 to 1966 classic cars was Ray Elmore’s ‘57 HT, Ed & Mary Robertson’s ’55 Nomad, and Paul & Judy Webb’s ‘57 convertible. Ron Swaggart’s Ford roadster was included as one of the Top 10 pre-49 picks. Earlier in the day Ray Elmore, Ed Robertson, and John Sanders each won $100 cash off the wipe out board! Some people just have all the luck in the world. Way to go Club!


******** 2006 7th Annual Show & Shine*******

March 2006 March 31st & April 1 - Big River Classics - 7th Annual Show & Shine at the Battlefield Inn, Vicksburg, MS

For 6 years BRC hosted it's annual "Show & Shine" in August. Hurricane Katrina postponed our 2005 show until March 31 - April 1, 2006. The show started Friday morning with our DJ playing oldies music and asking trivia questions with prizes for adults and children. Classification and registration opened at 1:00 P.M. with classics waiting in line. The afternoon passed quickly with music, trivia, "classic story telling", fun, fellowship, and of course, cleaning the vehicles! The hospitality meal (free to all participants) at 6:30 was a crowd pleaser as always. The BRC ladies do a fantastic job of preparing a delicious meal. Saturday morning all registered guests are treated to a free breakfast provide by the Battlefield Inn. At 8:00 A.M. classification and registration are reopened with a steady flow of classics until it is closed at 11:00 A.M. The drivers' and judges' meeting at 12:30 began the real "fun". Judging began at 1:00 P.M. We are very thankful to all who helped with that most important part of  our show.
Special entertainment "Elvis" at 2:30 was once again a great performance. He encourages audience participation and he is never disappointed at our show. Our "classic" friends are not shy and this year even BRC's own "Hulk Hogan" (Wayne Hart) and "Larry the Cable Guy" (Sidney Overby) were a part of the fun.
The highlight of the show is always the awards banquet on Saturday night. Long lines of people waited for the door to open at 6:30 P.M. and all would vouch that the food and fun were worth the wait. There were lots of banquet gifts, raffle prizes and cash to be won. The 2006 show was our biggest show to date with 83 registered vehicles. Everyone  preferred the cooler weather and we wanted to avoid hurricane season so our club decided to permanently change the show date from August to March. Don't miss our 8th Annual Show & Shine for 1955-56-57 Chevrolets. Mark your calendars now for March 30-31, 2007, and bring a friend with you to Vicksburg, Mississippi, for a "classic weekend".




1ST PLACE: Mark & Debra Ishee - Louin, MS

2nd PLACE: Sid & Donna Carey - Olive Branch, MS

Class Sponsor: M&M General Contractors


1ST PLACE: David & Kathy Castle - Saraland, AL

2nd PLACE: TIE: Gabe & Nora Guedry - Gonzales, LA

                           Poto & Joyce Babin - Gonzales, LA

3rd PLACE: Tommy & Net Johnson - Waynesboro, MS

Class Sponsor: C&M Construction




1ST PLACE: J.L. & Dorothy Ross - Joshua, TX

Class Sponsor: Todd & Associates




1ST PLACE: Ricky & Jackie Teague - Nesbit, MS

Class Sponsor: Delta Muffler & Custom Exhaust


1ST PLACE: Tommy & Pat Garrett - Thibodaux, LA

Class Sponsor: Toner Plus, Inc.




1ST PLACE: Dell & Marjorie Davis - North Richland Hills, TX

Class Sponsor: Bumpers Drive-In, Byram


1ST PLACE: Doug Brock – LaPlace, LA

2nd PLACE: Melvin & Linda Haydel - Gonzales, LA

3rd PLACE: Tom & Judy Pearson - Waldo, AR

Class Sponsor: Clinton Body Shop


1ST PLACE: Jerry Murphy – Mobile, AL

2nd PLACE: Karl Wolfertz – Houma, LA

3rd PLACE: Rodney & Jeannie Mills - Benoit, MS

Class Sponsor: Kenneth Reed, MD




1ST PLACE: Tommy & Robin Stracener – Jonesboro, AR

Class Sponsor: Penn’s Restaurant


1ST PLACE: Larry & Karen Woodard – Ocean Springs, MS

Class Sponsor: Sonic Drive-In



1ST PLACE: Herman & Mary St. Pierre – Lutcher, LA

Class Sponsor: Advance Auto Parts-Vicksburg




1ST PLACE: Barbara Jones – Mobile, AL

Class Sponsor: Malaco Productions


1ST PLACE: Jimmy & Marla Gros – Westwego, LA

2nd PLACE: Paul & Barbara Kuzinski – Vicksburg, MS

Class Sponsor: Sears


1ST PLACE: Bobby & Judy Daniels – New Madrid, MO

2nd PLACE: Evanda Hattaway – West Monroe, LA

3rd PLACE:  Bob & Annette Bunch – Mobile, AL

Class Sponsor: Danchuk Manufacturing


1ST PLACE: Tony & Jeannie Warino – Marrero, LA

2nd PLACE: Mike & Jeanette Beard – Gonzales, LA

3rd PLACE: John & Emma Boutte’ – Burleson, TX

Class Sponsor: S&J Associates


1ST PLACE: Don & Nancy Shollenbarger – Clermont, FL

Class Sponsor: BankPlus



1ST PLACE: Warren & Dorothy Sutton – Olive Branch, MS

2nd PLACE: Tom & Dixie Hawk – Pearl, MS

Class Sponsor: Rogers Dabbs Chevrolet


1ST PLACE: Larry & Amelie Breaux – Luling, LA

2nd PLACE: Bernard Farmer – Wakefield, LA

Class Sponsor: Priority One Bank



1ST PLACE: Billy & Joyce Reaves - Hernado, MS

Class Sponsor: Alfa Insurance- Tony & Terri Berry, Madison


1ST PLACE: John & Emma Boutte’ – Burleson, TX

Class Sponsor: Patty Peck Honda.






1ST PLACE: Jim & Anita Bishop - Columbia, IN

Class Sponsor: Tyer’s Professional Auto Service




1ST PLACE: Donnie Hattaway – West Monroe, LA

Class Sponsor: Williams Chevy-Olds – Magee


Rick & Martha Fisher- Monroe, LA.….1955 Belair

John & Carol Short – Wilburton, OK….. 55 Cameo

Robert & Arlene Dickerson – Shalimar, FL


DRIVEN: Don & Nancy Shollenbarger – Clermont, FL

TRAILERED: Herman & Mary St. Pierre – Lutcher, LA


DRIVEN: Jerry Murphy - Mobile, AL

TRAILERED: Tommy & Pat Garrett - Thibodaux, LA


DRIVEN: David & Kathy Castle - Saraland, AL

TRAILERED: John & Emma Boutte’ – Burleson, TX


DRIVEN: David & Kathy Castle - Saraland, AL

TRAILERED: J.L. & Dorothy Ross - Joshua, TX



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******** First Annual Show at the O' *******
May 2006

May 13, 2006
O'Reilly Auto Parts 
700 Highway 80 East, Clinton MS
First Annual - Show At The O 
hosted by Big River Classics

Open Car Show that drew 55 rides. Award plaques were given out for the chosen Top 20 Cars and Top 10 Trucks. One car and one truck each received a Best of Show trophy. There were also awards for Club Participation, O'Reilly's favorite pick and Big River's favorite pick. Participants received goody bags, dash plaques and door prizes. 50/50 tickets were sold, and music. 

Registration fees went to benefit
Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital.

We appreciated the fantastic turnout.... THANKS!

103_0317_Small.JPG (54737 bytes)
103_0342_Smal.JPG (53994 bytes)
Show Cars 
103_0343_Small.JPG (53715 bytes)
Show Cars 
103_0344_Small.JPG (60172 bytes)
Show Cars 
103_0352_Small.JPG (53578 bytes)
Show Cars 
103_0353_Small.JPG (51807 bytes)
BRC Host Cars 
103_0390_Small.JPG (53640 bytes)
Best of Show Winner
103_0391_Small.JPG (49611 bytes)
Best of Show Winner
103_0393_Smal.JPG (53640 bytes)
Saying Thanks!
Sanders.JPG (53640 bytes)
Saying Thanks!

******** 28th Annual Dixie Run Car Show *******

 June 2006

June 16th and 17th, 2006

Many Big River Classics members participated in the car show put on by the Mississippi Street Rod Association in Flowood, Mississippi. 

Bobby and Jessie Buckley, Wayne and Jane Hart, John and Mary Sanders, and Paul and Judy Webb placed in the Top 10 in the class of 1949-1966 classics.  

Bobby and Diane Clark, and Newt and Carolyn Mason won sponsor plaques and the Sanders won a “Just Because” plaque. The Webb’s 57 convertible got the Hooters Favorite award. Other Club members attending were Nikki Webb, Sidney and Annie Overby, Stacey Harper and Samantha Overby, Tommy and Patricia Hudson, and Ade and Linda Fleming.

BRC-ROW.JPG (54737 bytes)
Buckley.JPG (53994 bytes)
Bobby & Jessie Buckley 
Clark.JPG (53715 bytes)
Bobby Clark
Hart.JPG (60172 bytes)
Wayne Hart
Mason.JPG (53578 bytes)
Newt & Carolyn Mason
Paul  HootersGirls.JPG (51807 bytes)
Paul Webb
Sanders.JPG (53640 bytes)
John & Mary Sanders
Webb.JPG (49611 bytes)
Paul & Judy Webb

********Smith County Cruisers Annual Raleigh Heritage Festival Car & Truck Show*******


September 30th, 2006

Eighteen cars representing Big River Classics rolled into Raleigh, MS for the
Smith County Cruisers Annual Raleigh Heritage Festival Car & Truck Show. They had a total of 87 cars registered that day! There were all sorts of venders set up at the show selling a variety of delicious foods, jewelry, t-shirts, etc.

Big River racked up on the awards! Ron Swaggart won a Top 10 pre-49 trophy with his  Ford roadster. The Buckleys, Elmores, Flemings, Harts, Robertsons, and Webbs all won a Top 15 trophy with their Tri-5’s. The Sanders won a Top 15 trophy with their 53 Chevy. Both Nikki Webb’s 67 Camaro and Paul Webb’s 64 Corvette won a Top 15 trophy. The Everetts won the Best of Show award with their ’55! Then to put the icing on the cake, the Elmores won the 50/50 pot! Way to go Big River! “Blue Shirts” were everywhere!
BRC-Raleigh105568582108_0_BG.JPG (54737 bytes)
Raleigh-294568582108_0_BG.JPG (53994 bytes)
494568582108_0_BG.JPG (53715 bytes)
505568582108_0_BG.JPG (60172 bytes)
694568582108_0_BG.JPG (53578 bytes)
665568582108_0_BG.JPG (51807 bytes)
Sleeping Beauty!